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Top 5 best dispensaries in Washington DC – September 2023

Washington DC is a vibrant city steeped in the United States History. Since 2015, the federal capital of the country has embraced a new wave of visitors seeking more than just traditional tourism. With the advent of the Initiative 71 (I71), the city has become a haven for those interested in exploring the world of cannabis. This important law, passed in 2014, legalized the possession, cultivation, and gifting of marijuana, making the District of Columbia a pioneer in progressive cannabis legislation.

The Significance of the I71 Initiative

Initiative 71, a monumental step forward in cannabis reform, allows anyone over 21 years old in the District of Columbia to possess up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use. This initiative also permits the cultivation of a limited number of marijuana plants at home, fostering a sense of personal empowerment and self-sustainability within the community. However, what truly sets this initiative apart is its provision for the gifting process.

The Gifting Process : how to buy cannabis in DC as tourists

Under the I71 initiative, individuals and businesses can ‘gift’ cannabis and cannabis-related products to legal-aged consumers. This innovative process enables a unique consumer experience, where patrons can receive cannabis products as gifts with the purchase of another item. It’s a creative and legal method that allows individuals to access marijuana without traditional sales.

The best cannabis dispensaries in Washington DC :

We’ll delve into the top five weed dispensaries in Washington DC that ingeniously use the I71 initiative and the gifting process to offer an unparalleled cannabis experience. Let’s discover DC’s cannabis culture, through the best weed dispensaries like Giving Tree DC or Granny Za’s.

1 – Giving Tree DC


Giving Tree DC is a Street Artwork collection and a cannabis gifting shop. Located on the Historic H Street, Giving Tree DC feature some amazing art pieces from local artists. But the main purpose of the shop is to sell… or gift weed !

The owners put the accent on the quality over the quantity, this is why you will always find the best weed in DC at Giving Tree dispensary. The products come directly from California, and they update their catalog every week to ensure that the customers pick only the best flower, concentrates, and edibles in DC. Their staff is also extremely nice and knowledgable, always there to advise you on the right cannabis product and how to consume it.

Overall, this Gifting shop is at the top of our list and even tho it’s not as popular as big brands such as Lifted DC or Gifted Curators, it brings the best of DC cannabis culture into a warm and artistic atmosphere. Find out more about Giving Tree DC and browse their website before coming to their store :  GIVING TREE DC 

2 – Granny Za’s


Granny za’s propose a great experience with artisanal cannabis, directly curated by the store. This brand is also located in New York, and they have two stores in DC ! Located in Chinatown, Granny Za has a great selection of premium cannabis. They can deliver the cannabis products to your door, which is handy if your Airbnb or Hotel is far from Chinatown DC.

Their selection of cannabis is wide and ranges from pre-roll to exotic edibles. However, the prices are a bit below average in DC, but the quality and experience is surely present within Granny Za’s walls. check out their amazing store !

3 – Firehouse

dispensaries in DC

Firehouse is a bit different from the two first Dispensaries. Located on U street in DC, this store specializes in mushrooms. Their shrooms come from all around the world; Thailand, Cambodia, South America and more. Their selection of product is extremely wide and lets you enjoy the pleasure of Cannabis without THC with their CBD shop. The prices are fair, and the custom in-house blend are a must-try !

4 – Peace in the Air



Located at the center of Washington DC, Peace in the air is a customer favorite shop ! Very reminiscent of Giving Tree DC in terms of price range and quality, this gifting shop has some great deals under the pedal. Pro tip : come with cash only, as the card payment can be tricky sometimes. But overall, the customer service is spot on and the team is extremely kind. Watch out their extensive collection of accessories ! It’s worth the tour !

5 – DC Dabbers


What’s really special about DC Dabbers ? It is their great deals all year ! With their exclusive promo codes, the store makes the best deals in DC with exotic strains and edibles such as crunchy cannabis bars and sun grown flower. And of course, their dabbers accessories collection is amazing !

Check out their extensive reviews of cannabis strains on their blog.

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