Digital detox Arezzo tour

Продолжительность Flexible
Do this because
  • Discover Arezzo and the most significant beauties around its city center
  • Get to know the city in an "old-style" yet very exciting and innovative way
  • Take a stroll through the streets and become part of the city

Imagine the magic of regaining some of the silence we lost along the way. Get to savor the beauty of simple things, to be amazed and excited. Imagine rediscovering the wonder that sits in a walk, in a scent, in a color. Become a little child again and look at the world through their curious eyes.

Take a leap back in time and rediscover the beauty of Arezzo with an all-analog look: a walk through the city streets away from your smartphone and the distractions of today's life. This digital detox challenges you to "forget" technological devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs for a while, with the goal of returning to using them with renewed awareness.

Embark on a journey that allows you to reflect and reconnect with your life, your goals, and your affections. At the beginning of the tour, each participant will be provided with a kit complete with accessories and documents to be used during the journey. The kit will include, among other things, a map of the route, a notebook with all the necessary information, trivia and tips on how to best approach your city walk.

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$ 26

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