The best of Levoca walking tour

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Do this because
  • Stroll through living history on cobblestone streets.
  • Traverse gateways that bridged medieval and modern Europe.
  • Encounter monuments of national pride and triumph.
What to expect

Embark on the Echoes of History Levoča Legendary Stroll where every step narrates a saga of artistry, faith, and heroism. This walking tour isn’t just a journey through the picturesque streets of Levoča — it’s an adventure that transforms you into a time-traveling explorer, uncovering the stories etched into the very stones of this UNESCO-listed gem.

You’ll experience the confluence of history and legend, immersing yourself in the grandeur of Gothic and Renaissance marvels. Be not just a spectator, but the hero of your exploration, unearthing secrets of the past that resonate with the spirit of today.

Join this tour, and walk the path where every corner boasts a spectacle, ready to be discovered by the hero within you.

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$ 518