Magic of Cappadocia – Dreamy SOĞANLI village tour

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Do this because
  • Explore the extra-ordinary‘Soğanlı’ village tour with sincere hospitality and helpfulness
  • Marvel at the excellent peaceful location in the countryside among the fruits trees and water sources call Keşlik Monastry
  • See magical Soğanlı Valley and stop for the spectacular view of legendary Erciyes Mountain
What to expect

During the extra-ordinary‘Soğanlı’ village tour. Feel sincere hospitality and helpfulness during the awesome Cappadocian rural lifestyle discovery together with impressive historical background and charming natural beauties. Have unlimited scenery and the very best Instagram points.

Drive for authentic Greek village ‘Sinnassos’called as Mustafapaşa by Turks, where the richest Greek merchants lived in an absolute friendship and peace with Muslims. Recognize the spectacular harmony of different cultures and belief with entire respect. First visit unique, St. Theodor church, with outstanding reliefs and designs on the exterior wall and amazing ionic capful columns. Have spare time to explore the historical church and then walk to the mysterious St. Nicolas Monastery, which was a healing complex and highly respected by the native Christians.

Discover the unusual sleeping therapy rooms, sacred water sources which had strong healing effects either by drinking or bathing. Amaze at the ingeniously carved meditation rooms in the volcanic rock formation. Feel the deep peace and silence and fill up with positive energy and relaxation. Have an enjoyable walk to the old part of the village and have free time for self-exploration of the fascinating yellow stone houses which have incredible artistic skills on the exterior facade and wonderful handmade paintings in the interior parts.

Drive for a unique ‘Keşlik Monastry’ which is a perfect example of mystic Christian religious common life. Marvel at the excellent peaceful location in the countryside among the fruits trees and water sources. Amaze at the sacred water source, baptism pool, hundreds of years old rock-hewn church blessed with impressive frescos, common dining room with a huge rock-cut dining table, monks cells, pigeon houses, and wineries. Have a break in the enjoyable garden to taste famous Turkish coffee as complimentary and even based on the season, have organic local fruits such as excellent smelly strawberries, delicious apricots, wild blackberries, walnuts, and juicy sweet apples.

Depart for magical Soğanlı Valley. En route, stop for the spectacular view of legendaryErciyes Mountain having snow on the pick during the year. Visit one of the villagers' cave houses to taste awesome village cuisine. Have sincere hospitality while enjoying delicious food which is just from the gardens nearby and totally cooked in the red clay pots with woodfire in the native underground oven. Have spare time for your leisure to wander in the village for cultural discovery. Watch ladies making traditional rag tools, roasting pumpkin seeds, baking wonderful smelly potato bread, or man carving cliff houses of pigeons. After visiting the fascinating cave churches and picturing falcon nets in the cliffs. Move for impressive recently unearthed Roman site ‘Sobessos’. In order, visit remarkable roman bath, interesting Arsenal, soldiers shelters, Byzantium church with fascinating base mosaics and very best samples of the Roman sarcophagus.

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