Jewish cuisine and cultural walk in Budapest

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Do this because
  • Experience the renaissance of Jewish cuisine in Budapest
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Hungary’s Jewish history and culture
  • Do come hungry, as the tour will include tasting several Hungarian-Jewish specialties
What to expect

The seventh district is one of Budapest’s hippest neighborhoods, known for its quirky bars, cool cafés, hidden art galleries, and cutting-edge design shops.

Before World War II this district was one of Europe’s largest Jewish communities, and it remains the center of Jewish life in Hungary today. By the early 18th century the neighborhood had become a melting pot of religions and ethnicities. During the war Jews were herded into these streets, walls were put up, and a ghetto was created where the majority of Jews survived the war. This walking tour focuses on the area’s history and culture, with a special emphasis on exploring and tasting Jewish-Hungarian cuisine in several styles. We will discuss the neighborhood’s past, including its troubled more recent past during which many historic buildings were demolished, altering the fabric of the neighborhood.

You will be shown the neighborhood’s four synagogues (though you won’t tour the interiors), which have long been the focal points of Budapest’s Jewish society. You will also see the modern face of the district, including fabulous murals and street art, fun design shops, and great cafés. Though the neighborhood today can claim to have some of the most diverse culinary offerings in Budapest, you will focus on the dynamic Jewish cuisine found here.

Do come hungry, as the tour will include tasting several Hungarian-Jewish specialties which could be (depending on the day): sausages, matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, Jewish eggs, cholent, roasted goose, and flódni. You’ll leave the tour with a full belly, as well as a deeper understanding of Hungary’s Jewish history, culture, and cuisine. On Sundays, the tour will also include a visit to a weekly neighborhood farmer’s market.

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