Castel Sant’Angelo self-guided audio tour

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Do this because
  • Explore at your own pace the chambers and courts of the castle
  • Experience the Room of the Urns and the Passetto di Borgo
  • Marvel at the luxurious decorations of the papal apartments
What to expect

Discover Castel Sant’Angelo at your own pace, with a self-guided audio tour on your phone.Enter and explore the castle with an award-winning storytelling concept designed by an accredited expert.

The tour begins at the main entrance of the castle.Once you’ve entered, you’ll head toward the large open space which was once home to the executions' courtyard. Listen to the stories of famous heretics, such as Giordano Bruno, during the Roman Inquisition. Getting deeper into the castle, you’ll learn about its early history as a Mausoleum for the Roman Emperors. Explore Hadrian’s cylindrical tomb and climb up the original 2nd-century brick-walled ramp leading to the room where the cinerary urns of the Imperial family were once placed.Continue through the Sala Paolina, where Pope Paul III welcomed his honored guest. The hall, covered in frescoes, was designed to impress and manifest the power and wealth of the Catholic Church. Learn about the history of Castel Sant’Angelo as a papal residence and marvel at the beauty of Perino Del Vaga’s decorative complex, the Room of Cupid and Psyche, and its celebrated ceiling, adorned with scenes from Greek mythology. Take glimpses of the Passetto di Borgo, the once-secret passageway of the Popes, and the iconic statue of the Angel on the rooftop. Before leaving, take in the panorama of the Eternal City from the terrace and head to Ponte Sant’Angelo to end your tour with stories and legends of the dreamy bridge.

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