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Prism Pres. Rebekah

Barcelona, Spanje
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Beschikbaarheid: Friday, 22 July 9:59 PM
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Generally billed just by her first name, Rebekah Teasdale is a DJ and producer from Birmingham, England who has been active since the mid-'90s. Like most figures of the Birmingham techno scene, her tracks are often hard, dark, and minimalist, with heavy pounding beats and gradual suspenseful development. An avid clubgoer since her youth, she began spinning records in 1996, at the age of 16. She spent several years as a model in order to provide financial support for her DJ career. She released an edit of 's house anthem "It's Just Another Groove" in 2004, but her first original productions, starting with 2007's "Toad in a Hole," were minimal tech-house. By the early 2010s, her sound had gotten darker and heavier, and she eventually caught the attention of , who released Rebekah's Cycles EP on his label in 2013. Continuing with releases on Cult Figures, , and eventually , Rebekah's productions became spacier and more experimental. Several EPs led up to the release of her debut full-length, Fear Paralysis, which was released by in 2017. She developed a hybrid live/DJ set for her tour in support of the album.

Genres: Techno,Deep House,Melodic House & Techno

Lines Up: Rebekah,Anika Kunst,Jen Cruz

Atmospheres: Underground

Door Policies: Casual dress code

Age Policies: 20+

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