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How to Choose Dubai Desert Safari

Our range of Dubai Desert Safaris has been created to suit different types of travellers. Whether you are looking for adventure, escape into Dubai’s nature, a traditional encounter with Bedouin or a luxurious journey through the sand dunes; we have meticulously created the experience for you!

Explore Dubai’s Best Desert Safaris:

If you’re visiting Dubai for the first time or repeating your holiday; you need to experience the most famous activity in the city.

Importantly, to have the full details on the tours you would like to book; in order to choose the best itinerary that fit your requirement.

1. Premium Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

This tour will take you to the desert of Dubai; driving across beautiful oceans of towering sand you will then witness the sunset as the sun sheds its blaze over enormous areas covered with sand. The hustle and bustle of the city is far away from the unrivalled silence and tranquility around you. After That, You will reach the traditional Arabic camp; where a BBQ dinner is served in a torch-lit ambience and music will start. then, as you relax on comfortable cushions in “Bedouin” tents, you will have your hands painted with intricate henna designs. You may also experience a short camel ride, whilst being out under the sky.

2. Heritage Desert Safari

Experience the most awarded Desert Safari in Dubai. Take a step back in time and experience Dubai as it was in the 1950s on an adventure in the Dubai desert with a professional conservation guide. Unlike any other Dubai desert safari, you will go on a fascinating wildlife drive in a 1950’s vintage Land Rover. As the first motorised vehicles used in the Dubai desert; these Series 1 and 2 Land Rovers have become symbolic of Dubai’s heritage and ventures to unexplored territories. After that, arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to receive your Adventure Pack and put on your Sheila/Ghutra (traditional headscarf). Spot native wildlife like Arabian oryx and stop at a Ghaf tree forest in the dunes for the most spectacular photo opportunities in the desert. Learn about the unique desert ecosystem and discover how the Bedouin survived in the desert in harmony with the desert animals and vegetation. Witness a spectacular falcon show led by a professional falconer and watch these magnificent birds flying. Learn about ancient training techniques and how the Bedouin used falcons for hunting. Watch the Arabian sun setting over the sand dunes. Afterwards, you will arrive at an authentic Bedouin camp, gently lit with traditional lamps and nestled inside a private desert retreat. Discover the rich culture and traditions of Dubai’s heritage with live demonstrations of Arabic coffee and bread making, henna painting, camel rides and traditional performances. Enjoy a 4-course dinner under the stars and relax in the Arabic Majilis area, where you can try some shisha. History comes to life in this once-in-a-lifetime Desert Safari in Dubai!

3. Dubai Platinum Desert Safari

Experience the most luxurious Desert Safari in Dubai on the Platinum Desert Safari.

This exclusive experience has been meticulously created down to every last detail for discerning travelers who seek out the finer things in life. Explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with a professional Conservation Guide on a wildlife drive in a luxurious Range Rover; the desert vehicle of choice for the rich and the famous. So relax in the comfort of the air-conditioned plush leather seats as you are leisurely driven through the reserve to spot native wildlife like Arabian oryx and gazelles.

Meanwhile, stop along the way for the best photo opportunities at a Ghaf tree forest in the dunes and visit a beautiful desert lake, a sanctuary attracting an array of migratory birds. Savor each dish of the 6-course dinner prepared by a professional Chef on-site, while your waiter tends to you with the highest level of service. Enjoy gourmet dishes like Roast Duck, Vegetable Moussaka, Grilled Salmon and Prawns and Australian Angus Steak. So relax in the majlis area and enjoy entertainment like; top-quality shisha, henna painting and a remarkable Flaming Sands of Arabia fire show, exclusively performed on this Desert Safari.

However, this Platinum Safari redefines rustic luxury and takes dining in the desert under the stars to the next level. This is the once-in-a-lifetime Dubai experience that only a privileged few will be lucky enough to experience.

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4. Platinum Heritage Private Night Safari & Astronomy

In this tour, you will travel to the desert on a vintage 1950s Land Rover to explore the extraordinary desert-scape after dark, not only that, but you can even see day time animals emerge from their hideouts to drink, forage, and frolic after the heat of the day.

Finally, you will be able to experience the quiet desert atmosphere and fresh desert air, in sharp contrast to the bright lights, intense heat & loud noise of Dubai city center.

After your nature safari, you will be able to relax at an open-air camp that belongs to a local royal family.

Dinner includes lentil soup, fattoush salad and you can choose between Australian Angus steak, vegetarian moussaka, or grilled chicken. On top of this, you will also get the chance to try an aromatic shisha pipe for a truly authentic Arabic experience

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5. Overnight Desert Safari – (Dubai Desert)

Extend your heritage experience with an overnight desert safari camping experience.

Take a step back in time and experience Dubai as it was 50 years ago. Your professional conservation guide will escort you on a stunning journey in a museum quality 1950s Land Rover. No other vehicle offers a more authentic desert experience to spot exotic local wildlife within the pristine Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

However, Watch the sun drop under the horizon as you watch a falcon soar around you. The bedouin camp, lit with the gentle flames of traditional lamps is nestled inside a private royal desert retreat.

As our guest, we will demonstrate cultural activities such as henna, music, dance, bread making & Arabic coffee, making before enjoying a delicious dinner under the stars.

After dinner, you will relax beside a bonfire and enjoy the star filled night sky. Your camp site is inside a traditional Arabic stone dwelling complete with bedding. In the morning, awake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a freshly cooked breakfast.

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