Tarragona and Sitges day tour from Barcelona

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  • Explore the Roman past at Tarragona's aqueduct, forum and circus
  • Admire the seaside views at tranquil Roc de Sant Gaieta
  • Walk the cosmopolitan Sitges' beaches, cafes and boutiques
  • Choose to upgrade your tickets to a private tour
What to expect

Join a 10-hour tour discovering the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tarragona and spend a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on one fo the 17 beaches in Stiges. Choose to upgrade your experience with a private tour group, available daily for up to 8 people.

In Tarragona retrace the footsteps of Roman gladiators and stand where chariots raced by. See the breathtaking 2,000 year old Roman aqueduct, known locally as ‘El Pont del Diable’ (The Devil’s Bridge). Over 200 metres long and nearly 30 metres high, it is one of the hidden jewels of the area. This is a rare chance to get completely off the beaten track of tourists and visit one of the most amazing architectural wonders of Catalunya.

From there, you continue down through the old town to discover the Roman Forum and the nearby Roman Circus hidden amidst the urban design. Walk along the underground passageways that held the Circus’ stands and come to one of the most popular squares within the old town: Plaça de la Font, situated inside the Roman Circus.

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy the breathtaking sea-view over the Roman amphitheatre and imagine gladiators battling each other to the death! It’s a poignant moment to stand on the same dusty ground that bore witness to countless scenes of sacrifice and passion.

At 12:30pm you will leave Tarragona for Sitges. On route, stop briefly at Roc de Sant Gaieta, an intimate little village built on the rocky shoreline. Stroll between its tiny white houses of the Ibiza fishing villages built with a touch of Roman-Greco flair.

Arrive in Sitges at 2:00pm, just in time for lunch. This once quiet fishing village today boasts a long and sandy beach, groovy boutiques, and a handful of interesting sights. Sitges has been fashionable since the 1890s, when it became an avant-garde art-world hang-out.

Get lost in its shady side streets and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. After a leisurely lunch head off to one of the seventeen beaches in the town to relax on the coastline and take a swim in the turquoise waters.

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