1-hour flamenco show at Malaga’s Alegría

Validity: Flexible
Do this because
  • Discover flamenco dance show, singing and guitar playing
  • Admire top-level musicians and dancers with international prestige
  • Complete the experience with a Mediterranean fusion dinner
What to expect

Immerse yourself in the stirring world of flamenco, a dance form renowned for its passion and fervor. Watch as professional artists channel age-old traditions, using their movements, voices, and guitars to tell evocative stories. Every performance is a raw display of emotion, with dancers drawing from deep-rooted feelings, singers delivering heart-rending ballads, and guitarists creating rhythms that echo the heartbeats of generations.

Each week brings a new experience, ensuring no two visits are the same. Although there's no set choreography, the improvisation between dance, song, and guitar guarantees a genuine, unfiltered portrayal of this storied art form. This isn't just a show, it's an intimate look into a cultural legacy that remains as captivating today as it was centuries ago.

Complete the experience with a culinary journey at a Mediterranean fusion restaurant. The meticulously curated menu is the perfect accompaniment to an evening of vibrant artistry.

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$ 27