Porto’s Old Town exploration game and tour

Validity: Flexible
Do this because
  • Discover the oldest buildings in Porto
  • Learn about the Portuguese maritime adventures
  • Admire the rich baroque architecture
  • Get to know more about the resilience of the city dubbed as 'Invicta'
  • Play a fun city exploration game using your smartphone
  • Start the game at any hour and can pause it whenever you want
What to expect

Play a city game using your smartphone where you will follow clues to discover hidden secrets and amazing spots in the city of Porto. You will accompany a special city figure along the old town, iconic cobbled-stone streets and amazing views. Even in well-known places, there are secrets to discover.

Each clue will lead you from one place to another by providing you with exact directions so you won't need a map, GPS or guide. As you solve the problem and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked.


You are Mário, a young boy living in Porto with a rebel spirit, you are incredibly intelligent and curious. You’re working as a paperboy for the most prestigious paper in town.

It’s 1942 and you want to fulfill your dream of being a journalist and to provide for your family of fishermen. To impress your boss, you have to collect interesting stories and facts about Porto or about personalities that marked the town’s history and its role in Portuguese life.

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