7 wonders of La Rochelle exploration game and tour

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Do this because
  • Discover historical landmarks such as Tour de l’Horloge and Saint Saviour Church
  • Stroll on the quay and see the Red Lighthouse in the port
  • Learn about the controversial role that La Rochelle played in slavery
  • Play a fun city exploration game using your smartphone
  • Start the game at any hour and can pause it whenever you want
What to expect

Play a city game using your smartphone where you will follow clues to discover wonderful places in the old town and old port of La Rochelle, a little, but beautiful French seaport. You will see a couple of maritime gems, such as The Red Lighthouse and the Aquarium while taking a walk among La Rochelle’s urban wonders.

Each clue will lead you from one place to another by providing you with exact directions so you won't need a map, GPS or guide. As you solve the problem and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked.

Are you up for an adventure in La Rochelle?


You are a marine archaeologist and you have recently found out that La Rochelle hides a mysterious treasure in the old port. Although you are eager to dive in, the research you’ve done before heading to the seaport also points to certain places in the old town.

The manuscripts you got your hand on aren’t very clear, but your passion for exploring will compensate. So, you eagerly pack your documents and equipment and arrive at the first intriguing place in La Rochelle.

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