Whale and dolphin watching adventure tour in Orange County

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Join this whale watching tour and delight in the exciting sights and sounds of the magnificent ocean creatures you will see. Known as a landmark for marine life sightings, Dana Point whale and dolphin watching adventure tours offer rare glimpses into a huge variety of underwater wildlife and gorgeous scenic views you'll never forget.

All the cruises are narrated by an expert marine naturalist captains, who will educate you on the abundant ocean life off our Dana Point coast. Trips are all two hours long, and you will have the chance to see attractions such as: gray whales, (November – May), blue whales (May – November), fin whales, humpback whales, bryde's whales and minke whale, dolphins, sea lions, pelicans, and other seafaring birds. Rare whales include orcas, false killer whales, pilot whales.

Trips may be aboard the Ocean Adventure catamaran, the only catamaran with a raised viewing eye spy platform, or the all new Lot a Fun catamaran low to the water for excellent viewing.

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