Surfing – Porto Santo

Porto Santo, Португалия
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Продолжительность Duration upto 4 Hours

Situated right out in the Atlantic Ocean, the golden sands of Madeira are the perfect place to learn how to surf. This Madeira surfing excursion gives you 1.5 hours of personalised, expert instruction – in great conditions and lovely temperatures.

Madeira has become one of Europe's premier surf destinations, and is a haven for all water sports enthusiasts. This surfing tour gives you a great introduction to the thrilling world of surfing – with some beach-based instruction in the fundamentals before you take to the water.

Then, don your wetsuit and head out into the white water, where your expert instructor will coach you on paddling out and popping up on your board to harness the power of the Atlantic surf. You won't be joining the pro surfing tour after this Madeira surf excursion – but it's very likely that you'll have caught the surfing bug after it.

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