Running tour of Monopoli

Бари, Италия
Free cancellation
Язык: Английский, Итальянский
Билет для смартфона
Продолжительность Duration upto 1 Hours

Run with locals around Monopoli to start off your day on the right foot and to explore the city in a fun and alternative way!

Meet your guide at Porto Rosso Beach and discover the Monopoli coast from South to North. Running by the sea, at medium speed, for about 45 minutes, you will have the chance to admire the best views of the city and to find out more about it.

During the tour, you will see Porto Rosso and Pentima and you will come across some of the area's beaches like Calette Clio, Pantano, and Susca. You will also run by some of the city's monuments including the Carlo V Castle, the 16th-century fortress built during the Spanish domination of the city.

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