Escape Tour self-guided, interactive city challenge in London

Лондон, Великобритания
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Back in 1888 London was haunted by five horrific murders, all within a short time. To get the murderer, Jack the Ripper, the police closed the city off. The only way out was using the secret passage out of London. With this Escape Tour London, you will follow Jack-s footsteps and try to find the passage yourself.

Jack the Ripper was a real horror, his murders horrific. This is why the police wanted to catch him and they quickly closed in. Jack only had two hours- time to find the secret passage and so will you. Can you find it within this time frame?

Sneak through London, just like Jack once did, while trying to solve the assignments, difficult questions and fun riddles. You will play the Escape Tour using an app you'll download before starting the race against the clock. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles to escape the city within 2 hours. The escape attempt starts at Westminster Hall. Good luck!

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