Basil greenhouses tour, show cooking and tasting in Genoa Pra’

Продолжительность Flexible
Do this because
  • Enter a typical basil greenhouse overlooking the sea
  • Discover a family-ran business
  • Take part in a cooking show
  • Taste local flavors with an aperitif

Enjoy a guided tour of basil greenhouses in Genoa, join a pesto show-cooking, and have a local product tasting.

Discover the best pesto in Genova Pra', then enter a typical greenhouse overlooking the sea. Visit an important family business that has been cultivating basil with passion and expertise for nearly two centuries. Learn more about the family's history and their outstanding products.

Stroll through the greenhouses and learn about the local culture and lifestyle of farmers and fishermen. Take part in a cooking show and watch some pesto dishes being prepared. Get to know the secret to make it according to a typical Genoese recipe.

End the day with a basil-scented aperitif. Try the many surprising flavors such as black bread with anchovy and walnut sauce, pepper and pesto, crostini with St. Orchese salami and the famous Genoese pesto.

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