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100-minute all-you-can-eat of Wagyu in Shinjuku

Tokyo, Япония
Free cancellation
Язык: Японский
Билет для смартфона
Продолжительность Duration upto 1 Hours 40 Minutes

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat of Wagyu beef and many other delicious dishes, for a total number of 110 items and an absolutely reasonable price.

You will have the opportunity to taste some carefully selected Wagyu, enjoying high-quality rare cuts that would cost you much more yens per person at other restaurants. The all-you-can-eat experience will last about 100 minutes maximum and you can also book a private room (from 6 to a maximum of 10 people) to celebrate a special occasion such an anniversary or birthday.

You can also combine the all-you-can-eat with an all-you-can-drink at an additional cost, and add a meat-parfait and/or a meat-cake to your menu for an extra cost. Don't miss such a unique opportunity!

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$ 45

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