Private tour of Bologna’s hidden gems and main attractions

Болонья, Италия
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Язык: Английский
Доступность: Daily
Билет для смартфона
Продолжительность Duration upto 3 Hours

Discover the best-kept secrets of Bologna and venture off the beaten tourist paths to explore lesser-known areas of the city. Your local guide will lead you to the best-hidden sights and bring you past some must-sees such as the Fountain of Neptune.

You might know that Bologna once had canals but did you know one of them remains? See it for yourself through a small, hidden window on via Piella. Your host will next bring you to the urban area of Bologna, Bolognina. Stroll through the streets filled with culture, street art, and an alternative music scene while your guide tells you about the city and its secrets.

After this tour you can say you've really gotten to know Bologna better than any ordinary tourist and may start to feel like a local in the city.

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$ 117

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