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Krakow vodka and liqueurs tour

Cracóvia, Polónia
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duração Duration upto 2 Hours 15 Minutes
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Liqueurs with vodka and spirits hold a special place in the Polish culinary tradition. From herbal, spiced, fruit, honey and flower tinctures - on this tour you will not only taste but also learn the drinks healing properties. The preparation of homemade tinctures and liqueurs is not difficult, but requires patience - each tincture gains flavor over time.

Meet your guide and in a small group of enthusiasts you will start your adventure bar hopping. You will go to several different places that offer a wide variety of pure, herbal and flavored drinks that are prepared in large distilleries or in people's homes. Try the different the flavors and discover which you prefer!

Practice drinking vodka like a local by learning what toast and greetings are used while you raise a glass. Learn what to eat with vodka as you enjoy Polish snacks.

In addition, the guide tell you why the Poles drink potato juice in shots? What's the only vodka you can mix with juice? What is a tincture? How much percentage should a liqueur have? How does it work for health? Can you produce alcohol for your own use in Poland?

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