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Dunn’s River Falls & Nine Mile Tour

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Two Jamaican legends are the magnets in this irresistible excursion. You'll visit the highland hamlet that gave the world Bob Marley to explore his birthplace and mausoleum, and discover one of the most exotic natural attractions in the country – Dunn's River Falls.

Your adventure kicks off pretty much the moment you leave your hotel as you head to the coast to visit Dunn's River Falls, which starred in the James Bond classic, Dr. No. These 55-metre-high and 180-metre-wide falls are interspersed with lagoons and climbing them is an experience in itself.

Driving inland for a winding and at times bumpy climb to St Ann Parish, you can expect amazing views of the Dry Harbour Mountains before arriving at Nine Mile. Bob's birthplace is a national shrine and throngs of Rastafarians mill about outside. You'll see his home and final resting place as your guide fills you in on his life and music.

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