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Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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Begin the tour with the famous Old Town of Plovdiv. Continue down Stramna street, also known as the Street of Folk Arts and Crafts. A street full of small shops and market stalls that showcase a wide selection of handcrafts, traditional art and souvenirs that allow you to get in close contact with the local culture. Pass by Hisar Kapia, a medieval gate that is one of Plovdiv’s most famous landmarks, and continue to Nebet Tepe, which offers a magnificent view of the entire city. Continue to the Retro Photo studio, where you can take a dip into the local traditions and have your picture taken wearing an authentic Bulgarian folk costume. Down the street from there are the Balabanov and Hindliyan Houses, known for their impressive architecture, furniture, wall paintings, intricate wood carvings on the ceilings. Visit the St. Constantine and Helena Church and continue walking through the streets of Old Town, lined with Revival Period houses. Be sure to not miss the Roman Theatre, also known as the Ancient Theatre of Philipoppol.After a lunch break, enjoy a visit to the Main Pedestrian Street. The ancient Roman Stadium, also known as the Stadium of Trimontium, is mostly buried beneath the city, except for its Northern part, which is uncovered and open to visitors.Your next stop is Kapana “The Trap”, Plovdiv’s famed art corner. The tour ends with a trip to the best shopping spots in the area, where you can browse and shop for presents and souvenirs.

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