Historical Dubai city exploration game and tour

Validity: Flexible
Do this because
  • Explore Dubai’s historical Al Fahidi district
  • Visit the city’s bustling souqs
  • Find a world-record-breaking treasure
  • Play a fun city exploration game using your smartphone
  • Start the game at any hour and can pause it whenever you want
What to expect

Play a city game where you will follow clues on your smartphone to discover the rich and storied history of Dubai. Explore the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and discover remnants of the city’s past. Tour the old town and take in sights including the old city wall, famous souks and many more exciting locations.

Each clue will lead you from one place to another by providing you with exact directions so you won't need a map, GPS or guide. As you solve the problem and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked.

Are you ready to discover Dubai’s old town?


The year is 1787. Your name is Saabir, a craftsman building the Al Fahidi Fort. During the construction, while you move a boulder, you sense a presence, though you’re still alone. Suddenly, a voice speaks….

“Reunite me with my treasure,” the mysterious voice whispers, “and I will reward you with everything your heart desires.” With the promise of untold riches, you drop your tools and take to the city streets.

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