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Mariposario Benalmadena butterfly park

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Butterflies are the world's most beautiful and delicate insects. And at the Mariposario butterfly park, you'll learn about the many exotic species that fly freely within this custom-built butterfly park and breeding centre.

Mariposario de Benalmadena is one of the biggest butterfly parks in Europe. It is beautifully located next to a Buddhist temple, with views over the coast. Being one of the few parks that breeds its own butterflies, it boasts large numbers of species from both the Americas and Asia. It's also home to some turtles, iguanas – and even a wallaby.

Regular tours are on offer where the guide will impart fascinating knowledge about these enchanting creatures. Learn and see how a butterfly is born, observe rare nocturnal butterflies and enjoy the unique experience of having more than 1,500 butterflies fly around you. And magnified viewing stations enable you to get a really intimate look into the life cycle and feeding habits of the residents.

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