Lezione di cucina basca con uno chef del ristorante a San Sebastián

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  • Discover the authentic Basque cuisine directly from a chef
  • Step into a real working kitchen at a local restaurant
  • Taste the delicious result of your work
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Enjoy this comprehensive Basque cooking class, taught by a professional chef in an historic family restaurant, that will show you all the flavours of traditional Basque cuisine.

Meet your guide in the Old Town, then head to a historic family-run restaurant that will be reserved just for your group. Once there, you’ll meet a professional chef who will teach you how to make four standout dishes of Basque cuisine. Whether you're a novice or an experienced cook, the tips and techniques you’ll learn will be easy to follow and apply.

For the next three hours, you'll be making some of the Basque Country’s most famous dishes, including potato omelet, codfish in pil pil sauce, a mouthwatering steak with red piquillo peppers, and the iconic burnt cheesecake. As the chef walks you through the techniques involved in creating each dish, your guide will share the stories and cultural significance behind the recipes, making each bite even more memorable.

At the end of the class, you'll have time to enjoy the dishes you’ve prepared. Each will be paired with a specially chosen drink, like Basque cider (which you'll learn to pour), red and white wine, and ice apple cider (a special fermented beverage made with the natural juices of frozen apples). When it's time to leave, take home copies of the recipes so you can prepare these traditional Basque dishes in your own kitchen.

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