La Gomera Whale Watching Cruise from Valle Gran Rey

Tenerife, Spagna
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Lingua: Tedesco, Inglese
Durata Duration upto 4 Hours
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The waters around La Gomera are teeming with wildlife, so a whale watching cruise promises to be an eye-opening event. Sail aboard a 24-metre-long yacht in search of dolphins and whales while taking in the majesty of the island's coastline.

You'll cast off around the coast of La Gomera, keeping a watchful eye for signs of activity from spotted dolphins, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins and pilot whales.

Sometimes you'll even spot sperm whales, Bryde's whales, Blainville's whales and sea turtles. The cruise includes a stop for swimming in a remote bay, complete with sangria and tapas.

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$ 40