The most beautiful churches in Hamburg private walking tour

Hambourg, Allemagne
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Join a guided walking tour and visit Hamburg’s most beautiful churches. For a city that was so heavily damaged during WWII, these religious buildings hold a very special role in preserving its history and culture.

Discover the best highlights of Hamburg's Old Town. Meet with your guide in front of the esthetical Town Hall on the market square. St Peter’s Church is only a couple of steps away. This red brick Gothic church is the oldest parish church in Hamburg, dating back to 1195. You will be amazed by the beautiful stained glass windows and spectacular paintings inside.

Then visit the St Nicholas Memorial. The church was almost completely destroyed during Operation “Gomorrah.” The remaining ruins serve as a memorial to the horrors of the war, but even from the ruins only, you can still imagine what a majestic structure it used to be. Discover that in the 19th century, for a short time it was the world’s tallest building. Use the elevator to get on top of the remaining spiral tower for some amazing views of the city. Alternatively, you can choose to visit the tower of St Michael's, which will be the last stop of this tour.

Before St Michael's however, you will stop at St Catherine’s Church. The church is an unmissable landmark of the Hambugs skyline due to its high bell tower. Admire this lovely building with simplistic interiors: white-washed walls, brick floors, and a historic timber organ that J.S. Bach played during his stay in Hamburg. Move to St Michael's which is, on the other hand, known for its rich interior architecture and luxurious decorations. You can use the elevator to reach the top of its baroque copper-covered spire for the breathtaking panoramic view of all of Hamburg.

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