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Teguise Sunday Market and LagOmar Visit

Lanzarote, Espagne
Annulation gratuite
Langue(s): Anglais
Durée Duration upto 8 Hours
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Two very different Lanzarote experiences share equal billing in this Sunday morning tour. You'll get to spend time mixing with locals in Teguise's market – the biggest outdoor bazaar in the Canaries – and lapping up the Hollywood stardust of the legendary LagOmar. Ramona, one of our local guides, says, ‘LagOmar is one of my favourite places – a spectacular artwork-museum-house, where you can admire the genius of Manrique and Soto.'

More than 360 stalls cram into Teguise's pretty plaza and adjacent cobbled streets, so you'll be spoilt for choice. Cue tables creaking with intricate Canarian lacework, foodstuffs and all sorts of jewellery, paintings and handicrafts. And it's all given a carnival atmosphere by local folk dancers, hair braiders and panpipe bands. What's more, any purchases help the local economy and community. Ramona says, ‘Teguise Sunday market isn't just about shopping – you can feel the real Canarian way of living, with bars, cafés and the history of this beautiful former capital of Lanzarote.'

If the market is a feast of the senses, the LagOmar is a feast for your eyes. It was conceived by local architect Cesar Manrique and designed by local artist Jesus Soto. Set in a volcanic quarry, it looks like the sort of place where Bond arch-villain Ernst Blofeld plots world domination. The labyrinthine complex has a cave-bar, a restaurant, apartments and a museum. Local lore says it was briefly owned by Hollywood legend Omar Sharif, but he lost it in a game of cards.

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