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Vikos Gorge & Ioannina

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The area around Parga really packs a punch in the beauty stakes. And this trip will take you into the heart of the Epirus region to give you a glimpse of its spectacular scenery. You'll discover Ioannina, the Vikos Gorge and the village of Kipi, known for its stone bridge.

You'll start at Ioannina, the capital of Epirus. Set on a lake, it's got a Turkish look and feel due to its Ottoman past as you'll discover during a walking tour. Next, it's on to stroll around Monodendri, where an old monastery overlooks the Vikos Gorge. Soak up the views over this gargantuan ravine, whose sheer walls tip 500m in height.

After stopping at another viewpoint, you'll explore Zagoria. Tucked into the northern Pindos Mountains, this remote region is like another world – think steep wooded slopes, mountain streams and rustic villages. A highlight is the village of Kipi, where you'll see its three-arched stone bridge. It's one of Zagoria's famed ‘packhorse' bridges, and a little miracle of engineering.

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