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Marrakech Medina Tour & Pottery Workshop

Marrakech, Marruecos
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With its spice-scented souks, snake charmers and story sellers, Marrakech's Medina has attracted artists and creative types for centuries. Be inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of this 60,000-stall marketplace with a walking tour. Explore all its corners and create your very piece of earthenware art courtesy of a Moroccan pottery class.

Kick off with a guided walk through the mazy UNESCO-listed Medina and wind your way around stall after stall stocked with an Aladdin's cave of trinkets and treasures. You can shop for hand-woven carpets, fragrant spices, antiques and more. Best of all, with an in-the-know local by your side, you'll find the traders most tourists don't know about.

It's then time for a Moroccan pottery-making workshop. Meet up with a master potter, and they'll show you how to work the potter's wheel while teaching you about the traditions of ceramic art. Choose from a selection of upcycled materials and make your own take-home ornament inspired by your travels.

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