Crucero por las Cataratas del Niágara y experiencia “Viaje detrás de las cataratas”

Duración Flexible
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  • Learn about the story of the Niagara Falls
  • Get close and feel the power of water
  • Walk through the caves behind the Falls
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Embark on a Niagara Falls adventure, exploring breathtaking viewpoints of this magnificent natural wonder. Brace yourself for a 19-story descent into the gorge, accompanied by panoramic views and a personal escort onto the Niagara City Cruises boat. With your complimentary poncho, embrace the misty immersion during a thrilling 20-minute cruise near the falls. This is an adventure for the daring! But the excitement continues! After the exhilarating cruise, your expert guide will lead you on a captivating walking tour along the boardwalk, delving into the cultural and historical tapestry of Niagara Falls. You'll hear captivating stories of the former Honeymoon Bridge's collapse and the audacious daredevils who defied the falls' power. Witness the perpetual motion of Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls, and capture the breathtaking beauty of Horseshoe Falls. As you approach Table Rock Visitor Center, prepare for the pinnacle experience. With access to the Journey Behind the Falls, you'll descend into rocky caves behind the falls themselves. Immerse yourself in the resonating crash of water through the tunnels and catch a unique glimpse of the waterfall from an opening. Finally, you'll reach the ledge beside the falls, where you can feel the sheer force of cascading water up close. This tour offers the complete Niagara Falls experience, blending excitement, adventure, and expert storytelling.

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